Low Cost FMCW Processor (FPGA-Actel+Pentium M) for 2D Radar Imaging

These powerful boards include all the required hardware and software to implement an imaging radar system devoted to sub soil investigation.

The reconstructed image can be up to 2 dimensions: x-axis (along the path coordinate) and depth-axis (radial coordinate).

To operate the unit has to be interconnected with a FMCWRadio Frequency transceiver with 3 coaxial cables (for the signals I, Q and VCO Modulation) and 1 digital cables (5 wires) to collect the position of the antenna along the x-axis.

The hardware is based on a low cost PC104 Pentium M board interfaced by EISA to a FPGA (Actel) board.

Up to 250 tracks per second. One track is 256 samples.

Ground Probing Radar for sub soil search of utilities.

  • Processor: Pentium M, 2 GHz, 1 Gbyte RAM, 2 Gbyte Flash Disk, 2 USB, RS232, RS485, 100 Megabit Ethernet, SVGA, Audio In/Out. Operative system: real-time DOS
  • FPGA Actel APA75
  • Antenna interface: 1 Optical Encoder Inputs for x-axis
  • FMCW Transceiver interface: 2 ADC converters (64 Ksps 16 bits) to acquire the I and Q Intermediate Frequency signals, 1 DAC converter (64 Ksps 14 bits) to generate the VCO modulation signal
  • Cabinet: stainless steel

  • Analog signal processing of FMCW transceiver signals (I, Q, Sweep modulation): Band pass filtering, AGC, Synchronous sampling
  • Digital signal processing of FMCW: DC removal, Windowing and FFT
  • Encoder processing: acquisition and tagging of the radar frames with the x-axis location
  • Image processing: end user display