GPR 200-800 MHz

GPR is the acronym of Ground Penetration is a radar capable to detect objects under the ground, by the emission of radio waves and the detection of the waves reflected by the discontinuities present in the ground.

Ground Penetration Radar has been used in various fields since long. But its range of applications is growing bigger with the emergence of new techniques and requests for larger investigations.

Inspection of tunnels and pipelines: a frequent task is to detect voids and zones of weakness around tunnels. Progress of the cavities behind tunnel walls can lead not only to the collapse of the tunnel body itself but also to subsidence of soil above the tunnel, surface sinking, hazardous surface destruction and even loss of life.

Wall inspection: in the similar way the tunnel is inspected, the supporting walls and embankments can be surveyed with geo-radar for voids, zones of weakness and other non homogeneities. From the radar sections the thickness of individual construction layers and the condition of material behind the walls can be estimated.

Detection of obstacles optimization of the route for No-Dig technologies: horizontal drilling is often the best solution to bypass highways, railroads or rivers. It is important to find the easiest way for drilling, to avoid colliding with any hidden obstacles.

Sometimes, mainly in large cities, with high density of underground engineering network, it is difficult to find the optimal route for the drilling.

Geo-radar is a fast and non-destructive method, which can offer required information about the ground conditions and help to optimize the drilling depth, direction and angle.
GPR 200-800 MHzGPR 200-800 MHz

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